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Most of our inventory is formally graded by a third-party lab,such as GIA, IGI (International Gemological Laboratory International),The grading of the diamond you purchase will be printed on your certified appraisal. The appraisal will show the weight, color, and clarity of your diamond, the retail price you purchased it at, and a detailed description of your diamond.

Our bridal collection accent diamonds are fully faceted, with a clarity of SI2/I1 for any carat weight. Having fully faceted accent diamonds means more light return because of the increase in facets.The accent diamonds in our fashion collection are fully faceted and I1/I2 in clarity for every diamond no matter what the carat weight

Your six-month cleaning and inspection will usually take five to 15 minutes. The process includes a soak in the ultrasonic cleaner, which contains a mix of chemicals aimed to remove dirt and other grime and clean the metal. This is followed by a gentle scrub and finally a deep clean by a steamer we will inspect the jewelry for preventative maintenance. If your item needs additional maintenance or repair, this may result in additional time.

Depending on the extent of the work that needs to be done or the number of items needing service, jewelry may need one day to two weeks in the shop, plus shipping time both to and from our jewelers. Our SRC customer service representative will be able to give you a more realistic timeframe when you speak with them.

All of our men's bands have an associated millimeter width either in the title of the item or in the product description. If you are unsure of the width of a woman's ring, you can always call our SRC customer service at 1-800-311-7052 

Shop at Coronado Jewels With Confidence! Our Diamonds Are Certified By The International Diamond Grading System, Under The Expert Care Of The Gemological Institute of America (GIA).